Bobby White & Kate Hedin

Bobby and Kate hail from the Southern dogwood groves of suburban Georgia, where they used to do nothing but rock on the front porch drinking mint juleps and wearing linen suits. That's why they began their bizarre hobbies of juggling, Elizabethan fencing, and finally, classic swing dance.

Choosing to capture the style and, more importantly, the spirit of the original jitterbugs, they have also managed to capture many top placements in national and international competitions, including 1st place in the European Balboa Cup (2007), the Eastern Balboa Championships (2005) and Boston Tea Party Balboa Division (2006), and 2nd place in the American Classic Balboa Championships at the All Balboa Weekend (2006). Both are veteran members and choreographers of Atlanta's Big George Savoy Bouncers swing troupe.

Recognized for their engaging teaching skills, Kate instructs with a thorough, analytical musicality and mechanics-based method, while Bobby prefers rubber-band analogies and whaaap--patang noises. They currently reside and teach in the Baltimore/D.C. area, where they sit around on rocking chairs wondering why their mint juleps taste like crab.

Kate Hedin (pronounced "Heh-DEEN") has instructed and performed extensively for Cleveland's Get Hep Swing as well as in workshops throughout America and in Europe. Aside from a love of both social and performance Lindy Hop, it is her passion to develop the opportunities for follows in Balboa and learn every follow's footwork variation possible.

Kate holds 1st place titles in the Eastern Balboa Championship's Invitational Jack & Jill (2004, 2006, 2007) & Intergalactic Strictly (2005), and the American Open Lindy Jack & Jill (2004). She is also proud to have held, along with her friends at Get Hep Swing in Cleveland, the Guinness World Record for longest dance party ever (52 hours, 3 minutes).

She also likes to climb trees.

Bobby White (pronounced "Wee-TAY") has been a devout student of all things swing. Whitey's speed lindy, Balboa, Collegiate Shag, all styles Lindy Hop, air steps, tricks and vernacular jazz, and choreography are all passions he has been studying since 1998. He also has a great love of teaching and hopes to pass along the enormous swing-inspired smiles that make people walk a good distance away from you on the street.

While some people are proud to hold trophies or world records for dance marathons, he is proud to have held a jar of duck preserved in it's own fat (which he won in a Balboa competition in France).

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