Desiree Roffers

Desiree has loved dancing her whole life. When she was four, she told her mother she wanted to start Irish Dance. This began a lifelong for the promotion and study of dance. Soon after, she was competing in Irish Dance around the country and began teaching dance in early middle school. Around 2002, Desiree switched her focus to swing dancing and began studying Lindy Hop, Blues, and Balboa. Now, she travels around the country to swing dance events to learn and compete. She has received awards in numerous balboa events around the country. In 2011, Desiree started Chicago Balboa Underground, an organization dedicated to the promotion of balboa in Chicago. Since then, the Chicago and regional balboa scene has grown enormously. She now runs a thriving practice group in Chicago and helps promote and run many other balboa events within Chicago and the Midwest. Desiree uses her Masters Degree in Education to design balboa classes and practice sessions. She loves geeking out about teaching and dancing and is always looking for new ways to improve classes and practices.

When not dancing or working hard to grow the balboa scene, Desiree teaches French to elementary students and enjoys doing silly penguin dances with her students. She also loves scavenger hunts, themed parties, and Frank Lloyd Wright.