2015 DJs

Kyle Smith, Head DJ - Denver, CO

Hi, I'm Kyle Smith and I just got a new lens for my camera and boy, is it awesome. My dog is a crazy little runt that my wife and I are extremely happy to have. The next time you are in San Francisco, you have to visit Cafe Greco in North Beach, best coffee evar! But I digress. Have you ever seen Amadeus? Such a great flick.


Laura Windley - Durham, NC

Laura began her DJ career in Greenville, NC in 2001 for the yet-to-be-formed ECU Swing Dance Club, chosen by default because she had the most swing CDs (which, at the time, was about 10). Since then, her music collection has expanded greatly to become a joyous selection of swinging music. She loves female vocalists, bouncy instrumental tunes, songs with lyrics that make her laugh, and, above all, hot trombone solos.

Mitya - Moscow, Russia

Hi, cats. It's dj Mitya from Moscow, Russia. Don't like to talk a lot, so will be brief.

You're awesome, I'm cool too, we all love swing and dancing. So why don't we get together and rock like in 30's and 40's? It's definitely going to be amazing. Don't forget your good mood and i'll bring you a lot of special melodies that will make you burn the floor. Join in!

Kate Hedin - Washington, DC

Being a conservatory-trained musician, Kate has a deep understood knowledge of elegant catfights. She also has a great appreciation for jazz music. Kate is a regular DJ at Washington DC’s The Jam Cellar, and at swing dance events across the nation. Her ear for music is in such high demand that she has arranged competition music for national events like The Boston Tea Party and at ILHC. Kate favors 1930s and 40s swing, like Chick Webb and Benny Goodman.

Loreto Agdinaoay, Jr. - Cleveland, Ohio

Lo hails from Cleveland, Ohio and has been on the scene for over 16 years since he took his first dance steps waaaaay back in 1999. A swing dancer by training, he has taken those tools and talents into other styles of dance including Blues, Latin, West coast and Argentine Tango. Over the course of his 16 year dance career, he's been a DJ and instructor nationally, across borders and has been a staple in his local dance community. His philosophy has always been that dance is primarily an expression of appreciation for music. One of his big loves is Soul and R&B music, a love that came from being fortunate enough to be surrounded with it since his childhood... when some of stuff was cool the *first* time.