Jen Barnett

Known for bringing a little math and science into the ballroom (don’t worry, just a little), Jen began tap dancing in pre-school and continued dancing and later teaching through high school. After putting aside dance to focus on chemistry in college, Jen was happy to return to dance during graduate school – this time the partnered swing dances of Lindy Hop and Balboa. During that time, Jen began teaching and promoting, co-running beloved Philly events such as the Saturday Night Fish Fry, Philly Bal Night, and Bal Jam ’08. She now calls New York City home, and enjoys teaching locally at You Should Be Dancing!, dancing at White Heat among other favorites, and teaching regionally around the Eastern seaboard (special shout-out to Philly!).

Jen competes in Balboa on the international stage, having won the All Balboa Weekend J&J three times. She has also won the Canadian Balboa Championships and placed in various strictly competitions at events such as the California Balboa Classic. In addition to competing, Jen also enjoys performing. (What can you say? She’s an only child.) Jen’s favorite performance was smack dab in the middle of the Museum of Natural History, right under the giant blue whale.

As a teacher, Jen tries to balance her high expectations with lots of love, humor, and support for her students. Never forgetting to address both follows and leads, Jen blends technical presentation with the musicality and spirit that make swing dancing so enjoyable.